Class Resumption on 2nd March the Earliest

日期: 04/02/2020

Class Resumption on 2nd March the Earliest


The Education Bureau (EDB) announced that due to the latest epidemic development, all schools in Hong Kong (including kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, special schools and private schools offering non-formal curriculum) would resume classes on March 2 the earliest pending further assessment.


The EDB strongly urged students to avoid going to areas affected by the epidemic outbreak. Parents should also arrange for their children who are travelling abroad to return to Hong Kong as soon as possible. After returning to Hong Kong, parents should be mindful of their children’s physical conditions. If their children feel unwell, they should seek medical treatment as soon as possible to safeguard their health. During the period of postponement of class resumption, students should stay at home and avoid going to crowded places. Parents, please note that due to the postponement of class resumption, our school will take the following measures:


Our School Epidemic Prevention Work

l   To provide a healthy and hygienic campus for our staff and students, our school will step up cleansing and take preventive measures.

l   From 29th January, all visitors (including staff), must measure their body temperature, wear a surgical mask and sterilize their hands.

l   To understand the health condition and travel history of students, parents please fill in the electronic 2020 Student Health Declaration Form. The Form has been uploaded to the School website.


The Study Arrangement During the Deferred Resumption of Class

Deferred resumption of class does not mean stop learning. Our school will use e-Learning platforms to continue teaching and learning. Our school will announce the schedule of learning at the Latest News of the school website on 6th February 2020 (Thursday). During this period, our school will release e-learning materials and exercises. Parents, please note and assist your child to download the materials and remind your child to study hard.


Sunshine Call

Our teachers will use Sunshine Call or Whatsapp to keep in contact with our students and parents to understand students’ living, study progress and answer students’ questions.


Arrangement of School Activities

During the period of postponement of class resumption, all school activities will be cancelled or rearranged. The Flag Day of the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society on 8th February 2020 will also be cancelled.


School Assessment

The mid-term examination of P.1 to P.5 will be cancelled. The arrangement of assessment will be announced after resumption of class. The arrangement of the P.6 SSPA Examination will be announced by the EDB. Our school will inform parents ASAP accordingly.


Open Premises

1. Our school will keep premises open from Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 3:30pm, and close on Saturdays. Our school will arrange staff to be on duty to take care of student in need, and handle school matters and parents’ enquiries.

2. If parents would like to bring their child to school, please prior contact our staff and teachers who are on duty.

3. All visitors must wear surgical mask, must measure body temperature, and clean both hands with sanitizers before entering the school.

4. Students who visit the school during this period must fill in the Travel and Health Declaration Form. According to the Centre for Health Protection (CHP), if your child visited the Mainland during the Chinese New Year holidays, he/she should stay home as far as possible. Your child should not go to the school in order to protect the health of others in the school.

5. Students should wear full uniform when visiting the school. Parents must escort your child traveling back and forth between home and school.

6. To eliminate the possibility of spreading germs, students will be arranged to study at a single line seat alone. 


According to the CHP, build up good body immunity and have a healthy lifestyle. This can be achieved through a balanced diet, regular exercise and adequate rest. Parents are advised to maintain good personal and environmental hygiene. Parents could visit the CHP website ( for more information on communicable diseases. Please, also be reminded to pay special attention to the latest announcements of the Education Bureau, on eClass, and the school website.

School Principal

Ms. Wai Suk Ching

4th February 2020